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Fighter, the most awaited Hindi film of 2024, finally hit the big screens on January 25th. Headlined by megastars Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, this aerial action spectacle by director Siddharth Anand pays a soaring tribute to the daredevilry and sacrifice of our armed forces while delivering a thrilling cinematic experience.

Adrenaline-Pumped Storyline

Fighter unfolds in the backdrop of escalating tensions between India and Pakistan. When a terror attack sponsored by Pakistan shocks the nation, it becomes clear that a lethal confrontation is brewing.

Fighter hrithik-deepika Movie

Squadron Leader Aryan Shah (Hrithik), a maverick IAF pilot and his team are called for a dangerous covert operation across the Line of Control. Joining them is Squadron Leader Jahnvi Rajpal (Deepika), Aryan’s former flame turned rival.

What follows is an adrenaline-pumped mission filled with air combat action and covert operations as Aryan and his squad risk life and limb to prevent an all-out war. The gripping storyline expertly blends geo-political tensions with an emotional undercurrent.

Hrithik Roshan – Charismatic Turn as Hotshot Pilot

Hrithik Roshan dominates the screen with a career-defining performance as the charismatic Aryan Shah. With his muscular physique, brooding charm and dynamic action, Hrithik perfectly captures the persona of the stubborn yet duty-bound pilot.

Fighter Movie full hd movie

Hrithik’s nuanced acting adds emotional depth as he conveys Aryan’s inner conflicts aptly. The raw passion and intensity Hrithik brings to the character proves he was born to play this role. In the high-octane aerial scenes, Hrithik’s commitment to portraying the combative pilot realistically is evident. This is surely one of his most compelling performances.

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Deepika Padukone – Equally Mesmerizing

Deepika Padukone proves she can more than hold her own as the feisty Jahnvi, Aryan’s equal in every way. She combines grace, guts and intelligence in portraying Jahnvi’s strength of character.

Fighter film review

Deepika’s disciplined acting balances Jahnvi’s camaraderie with Aryan with the simmering rivalry. Her on-screen chemistry with Hrithik sizzles. From dramatic emotional moments to thrilling action, Deepika dominates every frame with her screen presence. Fighter will surely rank among her best roles.

Supporting Cast – Top Notch

The supporting cast led by Abhishek Bachchan as the commanding Group Captain Ranveer Sinha puts in outstanding performances. Abhishek brings gravitas to his role as the tough commander who mentors the squadron leaders.


Vicky Kaushal impresses as Aryan’s loyal deputy and close friend, Sameer Salgaonkar. His scenes with Hrithik add both warmth and tension. Yami Gautam provides the perfect contrast as Maya Kadam, an intelligent no-nonsense IAF surveillance officer.

Each character, even with limited screen time, makes an impact, proving that Fighter boasts one of the strongest ensemble casts.

Aerial Action Sequences – Cutting Edge

Without a doubt, the biggest USP of Fighter is the electrifying aerial action sequences choreographed by action director Ryan Jerome. The aerial combat scenes utilize a dizzying array of combat planes like Sukhoi 30s, MiG 29s, Mirage 2000s, and AH-64 Apache helicopters.


The action scenes are designed on a gargantuan scale rarely seen before. Nail-biting dogfights, missile attacks, mid-air chases and stealth missions make these highly technical scenes feel almost real. The VFX and cinematography are simply outstanding in capturing the Physics-defying stunts. Fighter’s action scenes set it apart in Indian cinema.

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Sweeping Canvas – Grand Visual Spectacle

Visually, Fighter is breathtaking. DOP Manikandan Raja’s nimble camerawork adeptly captures both the grand vistas of mountain ranges, skies and landscapes as well as the intimate emotional moments. The sweeping frames highlight the contrasting terrains from the icy heights of Siachen to the deserts of Rajasthan.


Lavish production values are evident in the detailed combat jet cockpits, the sprawling airbase control rooms and hangars for the fighters. Fighter visually reflects the grandeur and scale of an international tentpole production.

Technical Brilliance in All Aspects

On the technical front, Fighter attains excellence across departments. Background score composer Pritam perfectly accentuates the drama and excitement with his music. The sound design is incredible, especially in the aerial fight sequences where every explosion and ambient sound immerses you into the action.

The editing by Deepa Bhatia ensures that despite the nearly 3 hour runtime, Fighter never loses pace or feels stretched. Deepa seamlessly weaves between high-adrenaline aerial scenes and poignant emotional moments. Sanjay Chauhan’s dialogues brim with patriotic fervor and effectively drive the emotional undercurrent.

Fighter utilizes technology like 8K cameras, specially engineered rigs for aerial shots and cutting-edge VFX to create a hyper-realistic cinematic experience and adrenaline rush for viewers. It’s a technical marvel.

Siddharth Anand – Visionary Director

With Fighter, director Siddharth Anand proves he is amongst the most talented directors of contemporary Indian cinema. He had earlier helmed hits like War and Bang Bang but Fighter takes his craft to the next level.

deepika padukon movie fighter review

Anand has crafted an entertainer that marries sleek Hollywood-style action filmmaking with quintessential Indian heart. While the action scenes match international standards, the emotional core remains intrinsically Indian.

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Anand’s handling of slow-burning scenes between Hrithik and Deepika showcase his flexibility as a director. Overall, he fulfills his vision of creating an all-round entertainer with both brawn and brains. Fighter reflects his evolution as a top-rated director.

The Big Screen Experience – Unmissable

Fighter is a film tailor-made for the magic of the big screen. With the IMAX cameras used to shoot it, the aerial visuals and sound design take on an immersive quality on the big IMAX screen. The action scenes with fighter jets zipping across snow-capped peaks look breathtaking.

From silky smooth dogfight sequences to large-scale set pieces like the airbase attack, Fighter envelops you with its technical brilliance. The theatrical experience of watching Fighter’s visual grandeur and hearing the roaring jets in surround sound is unmissable.

With Fighter, Indian cinema soars to new heights by matching Hollywood’s technical prowess while portraying our human stories. It’s a genre-defining film that pays tribute to our soldiers’ sacrifices through sheer cinematic spectacle. This is an adrenaline-pumping theatrical experience not to be missed.

Soaring to the top of the charts with nationwide acclaim, Fighter is a fitting tribute to the Indian armed forces that fills you with patriotic pride and proves Indian cinema’s mettle. Its balanced mix of sleek action, soulful acting and grand visuals make Fighter one of the most entertaining Hindi releases.

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