Prepare to be absorbed into the high-stakes world of academic deception with the upcoming release of ‘Farrey.’ This morally complex drama tackles heavy themes of exploitation and corruption through the eyes of Niyati, a disadvantaged but brilliant student seduced by the profitable underground business of helping privileged classmates cheat. What begins as a means of economic empowerment ultimately jeopardizes her future in ways she never imagined.

Farrey Movie Details

Movie NameFarrey
Release Date24 Nov, 2023
CastAlizeh Agnihotri, Prassana Bisht, Sahil Mehta, Zeyn Shaw, Juhi Babbar
Movie CategoryDrama
WriterSoumendra Padhi
ProducerAtul Agnihotri, Naveen Yerneni
DirectorSoumendra Padhi
Budget₹15 crore
Box Office CollectionN/A
Hit or FlopN/A

Movie Farrey Story: Story of Niyati

‘Farrey’ introduces audiences to Niyati, a remarkably gifted orphan and the class topper at her modest orphanage-run school in Delhi. Despite lacking resources and connections, she manages to score admission to an elite private academy attended by affluent teens. Though granted a full scholarship, Niyati still struggles to fit into this unfamiliar sphere of wealth and excess.

It is there she catches the eye of the popular but underachieving Aakash who avails of her intellectual talents to cheat on tests, seeing her as an easy pawn. Flattered by the attention and peer approval, naive Niyati slowly gets ensnared deeper into his intricate exam scamming schemes. The quick money and elite social access are alluring.

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But as the cheating plots grow increasingly daring, the stakes heighten both financially and morally. Niyati must decide whether amassing illicit riches warrants betraying her principles and risking her bright future prospects.

Director Soumendra Padhi emphasizes the psychological tension as outwardly confident but inwardly insecure Niyati gets seduced by the power and profits of living a double life. Despite seeming invincible in her scamming exploits, she remains socially and economically vulnerable.

The risky high-wire act cannot last indefinitely, building up to an emotionally potent climax. Audiences are left wrestling with difficult questions regarding exploitation, ambition, and the ethical costs of privilege.

Cast: A Talented Young Cast Anchors the Character Drama

Carrying ‘Farrey’ with a standout lead performance is the talented young actress Alizeh Agnihotri as protagonist Niyati. Tasked with portraying both bookish shrewdness and underlying vulnerability, Alizeh delivers in spades, eliciting empathy even when Niyati’s moral compass grows compromised. Her emotional range and gravitas lead the film.

Alongside her, Sahil Mehta shines as the manipulative but charming villain Aakash who represents toxic privilege at its worst. Sahil conveys entitled arrogance and charm with equal dexterity. His relaxed chemistry with Alizeh makes their uneven relationship disturbingly believable.

The supporting cast features Prassana Bisht as Niyati’s caring mentor at her local orphanage, Juhi Babbar as the intimidating authoritarian principal at her new elite academy, and Zeyn Shaw as Aakash’s arrogant sidekick who gets embroiled in the risky exam plots. These figures populate Niyati’s dichotomous worlds.

Directorial Vision Guides the Thought-Provoking Premise

Helming ‘Farrey’ is director Soumendra Padhi, who developed the film’s provocative concept and morally ambiguous characters. Known for socio-political themes, here too his focus lies in examining class divides, ambition’s dark side and the corrupting nature of privilege through the frame of academic deception.

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Given Padhi’s own middle-class upbringing contrasted with his later prestigious film school education, he infuses the story with insightful personal touches and empathy for protagonist Niyati’s splintered existence across contrasting milieus.

Visually he emulates the dizzying sense of risk through dynamic camerawork and lighting shifts mirroring Niyati’s fluctuating psychological states – at times triumphant, other times paranoid. Viewers experience her turbulent emotional arc first-hand.

Advance Buzz Hails the Timely Social Commentary

Early reviews following preview screenings have been fille with praise for ‘Farrey’s’ daring willingness to critique class exploitation and academic corruption through a fictionalized but relatable lens. Critics call the storyline inventively structured and fast-paced without moralizing.

They particularly laud Alizeh Agnihotri’s empathetic portrayal of ambitious upstart Niyati, complemented by Sahil Mehta’s smug villainous turn as her manipulator Aakash. Their complicated chemistry electrifies the psychological cat-and-mouse game.

While mostly avoiding sensationalism, the film still provides a vicarious thrill-ride into the high stakes world of elaborate cheating plots and illegal dealings. Niyati’s ultimate realization and redemption will resonate with viewers on an emotional level.

Access the Film Legally From the Comfort of Home

‘Farrey’ will enjoy a simultaneous premiere in theaters and on leading OTT streaming platforms on November 24th.

To watch the movie online legally:

  • Subscribe to Zee5, MX Player or ALT Balaji for between ₹99 to ₹300 per month depending on pack. Farrey will be available to stream in up to Full HD quality with these subscriptions.
  • Rent the movie in 4K quality for ₹199 on YouTube, Google Play, Hungama Play or ShemarooMe.
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To download Farrey legally:

  • Download the Hoichoi or Adda Times app on laptop/mobile to buy and download the film in HD quality. Both are secure legal movie download platforms.

Note: Avoid visiting illegal torrent sites to stream or download movies as it is unsafe, unethical and can attract legal penalties.


Tackling timely themes of unchecked privilege and class divides through an inventive academic cheating premise, ‘Farrey’ looks to be an wholly unique addition to contemporary socially conscious cinema. Boasting a talented young cast, skillful direction and riveting cat-and-mouse storyline filled with moral quandaries, the film delivers an equal mix of provocative commentary and entertainment value.

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